Last Minute Budget Available?

Use your unspent funds to promote a healthy workplace.

Sometimes you end up in the position of having access to extra budget as you go into the close of the year. Hardly unique, it does open doors for getting a jump start on what you need for your employees, team, department, or company as you kick off the new year.

We can help you build your healthy, happy, and productive workplace. We can also be flexible with billing solutions for last-minute needs. Just submit this form and we'll get right back to you. 

Product Catalog

The Original

Hand-cast aluminum base available in five colors with a bamboo top deck.

The Level®

Die-cast aluminum base with choice of maple, walnut finish, or bamboo top deck.

Level® - ReWood

Die-cast aluminum base with recycled wood top deck finished in a graphite color.

Original Fleet

Five Originals in our Hi-5 rack (Maple or ReWood rack choice).

Level® Fleet

Five Levels in our Hi-5 rack (Maple or ReWood rack choice).

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