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History of the Balance Board

Design Development History of the Modern Balance Board

Although people have likely been trying to design the perfect balance board since time began, our records show that balance boards were used in our earliest circus and other performance shows.


One of the most unique balance boards marketed during the 50s was the "Paul Bunyan Balance Board." It was made of wood and featured a large comic sketch of the mighty Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox balancing themselves on boards and logs. This early balance board was marketed to "kids from six to sixty."

Another modern balance board was created by the famous WWII pilot Stanley Washburn Jr. It was inspired by his meeting with children on Africa's Gold Coast - the kids were playing with a plank and log. Washburn created his own version as a gift for his daughter. The Bongo Board was sold in 1952 and became a popular toy.

Our highest quality balance boards today are made with 100-percent green technology. They promote sustainability in every way. They also come in several sizes to accommodate different weights and adapt to different purposes. Balance boards have been embraced by athletes, students and others as a great method for balance training, strength building, and physical and cognitive rehabilitation.

Today's Balance Boards Offer Something for Everyone

So who are balance boards for? To put it simply, today's balance boards are for everyone that celebrates movement. They are for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Balance boards are also for both work and play!

In combination with today's popular stand-up desks and desks with adjustable heights, the balance board is a powerful tool for the office or the classroom.



Step Away From The Chair

A FluidStance deck is but one aspect of a healthier workday. Regardless of your work environment, we believe everyone can incorporate walking meetings, reserve time to get outdoors, and set frequent stretch reminders—anything that gets you out of your seat and moving. When you're tied down with responsibilities, we want to provide you with the option of balance and motion.

Sustainability First

We've gone the extra mile to use eco-conscious materials whenever possible, working with local companies, choosing sustainable manufacturing processes, and building our products to last. We take all of these steps as part of our bigger mission to be responsible borrowers from Mother Earth, for team members and consumers alike.