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We Are Mindful Makers

As makers, we are always conscious of the footprint we leave on mother earth. From day one, we have tried to do as little harm as possible by making high quality products that will last, sourcing locally as much as possible, and prioritizing durable, eco-friendly materials. We are working towards carbon neutrality and have planted thousands of trees with our partners. And we give back—we donate 1% of our profits to the charity First Descents, and we have supported organizations such as the Santa Barbara Channelkeepers and the National Parks Foundation.


Backed By Science

When developing our boards, we wanted to make sure we were more than just fun, we actually needed to deliver results. Over the years, we have been independently tested by Mayo Clinic, Heeluxe Lab—an independent biomechanics facility, and by several universities. They researched the ergonomics of our balance boards and found the design to be optimal for the movement of the human body, from better range of motion to increased heart rate. Mayo Clinic has proven that our decks also increase energy expenditure.


Our premium, eco-friendly balance boards will keep you active, alert, comfortable, and happy.

Create a space that moves you.

Improve your workflow and productivity with an organized and clutter-free surface with On Desk tools.

Reinvent your workday.

Extend the amount of time you can stand and work without feeling fatigued with Springboard™.

It's time to upgrade your floor game.

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Great for long hours standing.

Ken B.

Plane Cloud Balance Board


Modern work life balance.

Neil C.

Level Balance Board


Favorite desk item!

Joann D.

Slope Whiteboard


Solved my ankle stability issues


Original Balance Board