Balancing Act: A Mom's Journey on the Farm and at Work with FluidStance

This image captures farmers working in a hay field, with round bales dotting the landscape against a backdrop of clear blue skies and lush woods.

Henry Heath, son of FluidStance's Founder, continues on his mission to spotlight mothers navigating the balance of work and life. In this installment, he proudly introduces Kristina Pohlman, a valued member of the FluidStance team.

Kristina wears multiple hats, serving as FluidStance’s Enterprise and Customer Service Manager while also managing her own Cattle/Land Farm. In addition to her professional responsibilities, she devotes her time as a 4-H Advisor, guiding and supporting a group of 50 4-H members with over 15+ hours of dedication each month.

Henry: "What is it like to be a mom on a working farm, and have a full job with fluidstance while still being a great mom?"

Kristina: "Growing up, I never imagined myself as a farm mom. Raised in a small town without much exposure to animals, the idea seemed foreign to me. Yet, here I am, embracing every aspect of farm life alongside my husband and children. Together, we've learned the true meaning of responsibility, from the joys of nurturing newborn calves to the bittersweet farewells to our aging companions. Through it all, we've grown closer as a family, united by our shared experiences and the lessons learned from the land.

For a typical day, every morning, either rain or shine, I'm greeted by the familiar chorus of animal noises and my children busily preparing for a day at school. This is a gentle reminder of the responsibilities that await me. With a heart full of determination, I dive into the day's tasks, balancing the needs of my children with the demands of our bustling farm life. From kissing the kids goodbye straight to helping my husband feed our 40 cattle and tending to our ornery horse, to caring for our playful goats, hogs, dogs, cats and even our meat chickens, each moment is filled with a sense of purpose and connection. Once all living creatures are taken care of, I head to my office to start the day at FluidStance. After completing my FluidStance work, I dive into the hectic routine of chauffeuring my kids to their after-school sporting activities or practices. As darkness falls, we make our way home to attend to our hungry animals, greeted by the unmistakably loud calls of our eager cows awaiting their dinner. It's a delicate dance, this life of mine, but one that fills me with a profound sense of fulfillment.

But amidst the chaos and the challenges, there's beauty to be found in every moment. One of my greatest life hacks during a busy FluidStance workday is creating a workspace near open office windows. Here, I invite the gentle melodies of nature and the comforting presence of farm animals to accompany me as I work. It's a serene sanctuary where the fresh breeze dances through, rejuvenating my spirit and filling my soul with peace.

I find solace in knowing that I'm not just raising children on a farm—I'm nurturing their spirits, teaching them the value of hard work and compassion, and laying
the foundation for a future filled with love and purpose."

Henry: What are some of the funniest moments that you have experienced at your work farm while also having a desk job?

Answer 1: One of the most thrilling moments was when a calf was born, right before our big staff meeting! We named him "Stancer" in honor of FluidSTANCE. He balanced out to be one of our star steers, being the most friendly and the most tasty.

Answer 2: Four 1000 lb cows decide it's time for a jailbreak! Just as I was about to clock out, I hear all this commotion outside. Turns out, the neighbors were gathering the cows 50 yards away from the house! Meanwhile, my trusty herding dogs? Let's just say they were more confused than efficient herders. They did nothing but add to the chaos, and we ended up chasing our tails (and cows) all over again. We finally penned up the dogs and walked the cows back to where they belonged. 

Henry: What are a few of your favorite products to help with your work life?

Kristina: "My favorite daily go-to item to use in the office and as I chat on the phone is the Plane Cloud Balance Board. It was a product that I never knew I was missing until I started working at FluidStance. Because this type of balance board is light, easy to move and because I wear socks or go barefoot, this is my favorite as I chat on the phone with clients, work at my desk or just chat with my husband.

Another product I rely on to enhance my work efficiency is a second, larger computer monitor. I honestly don't know what I would do without it. It allows me to work on one project that requires several opened documents. Luckily I was introduced to the Raise Monitor Stand when I started here. It ensures that I can keep an eye level view for maximum efficiency and creates room to place other items underneath."

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