Grammy's Secrets to Thriving in Your 80's

Grammy's Secrets to Thriving in Your 80's

Author: Henry Heath, Age 11

FluidStance Founder's Son, Henry Heath, interviews his grandmother, Josie Heath, about the benefits of working in your 80’s. 

Henry’s take: Grammy is a very hard working, upbeat person who loves to help people in her community. Grammy is a former White House worker, a community builder and still an active contributor in the State of Colorado. 

Henry: "Grammy what are some benefits of working in your 80’s?"

Grammy: "First, not everyone who is working in their 80's wants to still be working, but they need to work to pay their bills. I feel sorry for them and I hope they get the help they need.

If you are fortunate enough to be healthy and you want to work in your 80's, you can learn interesting new things, meet people of various ages, learn new technology and keep yourself "current".  

Most importantly, it is no secret that staying positive and getting exercise are keys to working or just being around people at any age."

Henry: "What is one of your favorite products of FluidStance to help with your work life?

I love my FluidStance Level so that I can work on my balance and perfect my dance steps for doing the twist!" 

Henry: “That’s awesome”. 


Grammy: "I also love my Flow Card Holder so that when people want to sign on to my dance card, I can get all those names!

One of my favorite non-Fluidstance items that helps me is getting a package of paintings from my grandson. It brightens my day and I can get so much more done then!"

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