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Fatherhood: The Balancing Act

Back in the days of ignorant bliss, I had a simple dream of fatherhood: be the "roof" you want to live under. While my core truths of fatherhood remain unchanged, I've learned that true strength comes from balance at work and home. It's about nurturing a well-nourished mind, body, and spirit, and leading by example.

In this journey as a father and entrepreneur, I've discovered that prioritizing self-care isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. This Father's Day, read how I reflect on how balance is the great differentiator in fatherhood and business.

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Grammy's Secrets to Thriving in Your 80's
In a heartwarming interview with his grandmother Josie Heath, FluidStance founder's son, Henry Heath, explores the benefits of working into your 80s. Josie (aka Grammy), who is a former White House worker and a vibrant community supporter in Colorado, highlights the joys of learning new things, staying connected with people of all ages, and keeping up with technology. She credits staying active and positive as essential to thriving at any age. Additionally, Josie praises FluidStance products like the Level, which helps her maintain balance and even practice dance moves, and the Flow Card Holder for keeping her dance sessions organized.
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