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Balancing Act: A Mom's Journey on the Farm and at Work with FluidStance
Henry Heath, son of FluidStance's Founder, continues spotlighting mothers navigating work-life balance. Meet Kristina Pohlman, wearing multiple hats as FluidStance’s Manager and farm owner. Kristina shares her journey, from embracing farm life with her children to finding peace amidst chaos. She discusses her daily routine, highlighting the importance of finding beauty in every moment.
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Grammy's Secrets to Thriving in Your 80's
In a heartwarming interview with his grandmother Josie Heath, FluidStance founder's son, Henry Heath, explores the benefits of working into your 80s. Josie (aka Grammy), who is a former White House worker and a vibrant community supporter in Colorado, highlights the joys of learning new things, staying connected with people of all ages, and keeping up with technology. She credits staying active and positive as essential to thriving at any age. Additionally, Josie praises FluidStance products like the Level, which helps her maintain balance and even practice dance moves, and the Flow Card Holder for keeping her dance sessions organized.
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Harness the Power of Movement: Elevate Your Health with Walking, Running, and FluidStance

In an age where sedentary lifestyles dominate, introducing consistent movement into our daily routines isn't just beneficial—it's essential for sustaining health and vitality, even beyond or daily workout routines walking and running. Recognizing this, FluidStance has pioneered an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates movement into your workday with our meticulously designed balance boards.

Our balance boards aren't just about standing; they're about moving. By engaging in subtle, continuous motions, you activate core muscles, enhance posture, and boost metabolic rates, mirroring the physiological benefits of walking and running, but within the confines of your office. This not only helps in reducing the risks associated with prolonged sitting but also enhances mental alertness and productivity.

Benefits of a FluidStance Balance Board:

  • Increased Energy Expenditure: Like walking or running, using a balance board at your desk increases your body's energy use, which can help in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Core Strength and Posture: Regular use of our balance boards leads to improved core strength and posture by encouraging constant micro-adjustments in your stance.
  • Mental Clarity and Productivity: The gentle motion provided by the balance board keeps the mind engaged, helping you maintain focus and productivity throughout the day.

Embrace the FluidStance way and transform your workday into an opportunity for wellness. It's time to step onto a balance board and step up your health game, one subtle sway at a time.

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Desk Plank Challenge: Core Power with FluidStance Wobble Board
Our fourth installment in the Desk Workout series introduces an invigorating twist on the traditional plank exercise, specifically designed to be performed with the FluidStance balance board. This video demonstrates how to effectively use the balance board to add an extra layer of challenge to your planks, significantly enhancing core stabilization. Tailored for individuals with standing desks, this workout is ideal for strengthening your core muscles during your workday, contributing to better posture and overall body balance.
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