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creative ideas to reduce stress at work
According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of US workers suffer from workplace-related stress. Of those suffering from stress, 63% of them are willing to quit their jobs to reduce their stress levels, and 54% admitted that workplace stress...
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Achieving Perfect Ergonomics at Your Standing Desk: The Art of Moderation
Achieving the ideal ergonomics at a standing desk requires more than just standing. It's about embracing moderation and ensuring a balanced mix of postures throughout the day. This includes alternating between sitting, standing, and movement, as exemplified by FluidStance's 70:20:10 rule. FluidStance's balance boards add a dynamic touch, promoting subtle movements to engage core muscles. Furthermore, correctly adjusting desk and monitor heights is crucial, as is the often-underestimated role of proper task lighting. In essence, perfect ergonomics is a blend of posture, equipment positioning, and the right environment, with products like FluidStance's offerings paving the way for a holistic ergonomic workspace.
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